Automate your transfer arrangements while increasing your earnings per apartment

Why Property Managers & BnB Hosts prefer our Airport Transfer service

Benefits for Vacation Rentals

5-star experience

Increase your revenue

Fully automated solution

Guest arrival information

Totally free

How it works

Personalized Landing Page

We create a personalized landing page for your Hotel with the address pre-filled, in a layout that includes the Hotel’s photo and all other necessary details, prompting them to book their transfer, in a simple and personal way.

Automated Solution

We provide various automation options to make the transfer arrangements easier and faster. We collaborate with several Channel Managers and Property Management Systems and are constantly exploring new integration solutions.

Partner App

Our Partner App will enable you to review an analysis of your revenues and the details of each transfer booked, together with a ‘live’ view of all the transfers that will operated within the day. You’ll also be able to book a transfer on behalf of a Guest.

Frequently asked questions

The setup of our service is easy and fast. All we need from you is the links and exact addresses of your apartments. Then we are going to create your personalised landing pages, send them to you and you are ready to start offering Airport Transfers to your guests! Just fill in the application form and an Airport Transfers’ representative will reach out and assist you to get started!

Through our Partner App you can see the scheduled list with all your Airport¬† Transfers, along with your guest’s information & preferences, transfer details and flight monitoring for possible delays. You can choose to be updated and notified through emails, once the status of a transfer has been changed.

Our 24/7 Customer Support Team is always available to handle any request from your guests, even if it’s a new transfer or any change happens in already booked ones.

You are receiving a commission for every transfer operated with Airport Transfers in your apartment. You are getting paid on a monthly basis for the transfers that were operated in the previous month. The payment is taking place through PayPal or bank transfer.


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